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February2013 013Well, thanks to a mild winter, my handy-dandy bee quilts and dumb luck, it appears that both hives have survived winter. These warm afternoons have brought my bees out in droves, and they have been returning to the hives laden with pollen. The bright gold crocus pollen was particularly lovely.

I’ve heard that March can be a tricky month for bees, so I will have to wait and see, especially since we will be moving the hives up to the roof in a few weeks. Won’t that be an adventure! Luckily one of my bee-mentors, Corky, is going to supervise the operation.

Over the winter, neighbors Kevin and Laura started a new bee-keeping group for our neighborhood. Who would think there were enough bee-keepers in Wallingford to sustain a group? But it looks like there are! Now here’s hoping there are enough flowering plants in Wallingford to sustain all of our hives. I imagine we will be experimenting with the beehive saturation point for a neighborhood if interest in backyard bees continues to grow.

Kevin uses his wire jig to complete a frame.

Kevin uses his wire jig to complete a frame.

At our last meeting, Kevin showed of the fabulous frame jig that he made. We are hoping as a group to share tools and techniques, which I am really grateful for! It is nice not to reinvent the wheel, especially if someone who lives 3 blocks away already has a jig.

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