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The Second Spring


The crocuses on Sunday.


The crocuses (with bees!) today.


The hive with a small blanket of snow (Sunday).

I went into winter with one queenless hive (Themyscira) and one hive going strong (Galactica). I’ve figured that the queenless hive probably wouldn’t survive the winter, and have been hoping that the other one would survive so that I can try to split it and grow a new hive in the spring. However, there has been NO activity at the hive entrance for months, even on warm-ish days. So worrisome!

Today was a lovely false-spring day, following snow(!) 4 days ago. The Galactica bees flocked to the newly blooming crocuses in the front yard and returned to the queen-ful hive laden with bright yellow pollen. Hooray!

I peeked at the Themyscira hive and saw no activity on the landing pad and no bees in the top box. I suspect they have all died, but I am not planning to give them a good look for a few weeks yet. Hopefully Galactica will hang in there and I can successfully split it!

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